Björk : Biophilia

— M/M(Paris)

TDC Prize


Björk : Biophilia(CD Jacket, Book, iPad Application)

Here is the result of our latest collaboration with Björk. Björk has built and composed a musical cosmogony that explores her musical discoveries. She sees her self as a frustrated music teacher. She is deconstructing her musical world in order to take the listener in all her «hidden places».
We had to come up with a graphic proposal that could be in tune with her ambition, so we have invented and crafted with our long time pop music collaborator a new way of experiencing music. The applications on the iPad is performing this dream.
Also as we believed there is nothing more durable than a book in order to archive our discovery we have produced a limited edition volume encapsulated in a wooden box that contains 10 tuning forks of the rout notes of the 10 songs contained in the album.
This project covers all what a contemporary graphic designer can encounter in his practice. It is a world in itself with its peculiar language. Please experience in Biophilia the application Sacrifice where we implemented a sound writer in order to experience the use of a typeface at the core of its true reason, an articulation between a concept and the reality of this concept.
Michael & Mathias


Founded : 1992 Paris, France by Michael Amzalag & Mathias Augustyniak.
Studied : Michael Amzalag (photo/left) : Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs, Paris in 1990.
Mathias Augustyniak (photo/right) : Graduated from the MA Graphic Design & Art Direction, Royal College of Art, London in 1991.