androp music video “Bell”

— Masashi Kawamura + Qanta Shimizu + Saqoosha + Yuri Morimoto

TDC Prize


androp music video  “Bell” (Music Vieo)

To visualize and allow viewers to experience the difficulty in communication and the theme of the message conveyed and sung in Bell, we created this video using typographic characters and focused on their texture and “world-view.” All the team members are very honored to receive the prestigious TDC Award, which evaluates artwork from a typographic point of view. Thank you.

Masashi Kawamura (http://masa-ka.com) is a creative director at PARTY Inc. In 2011, he was selected as one of the world’s top 50 creators by the U.S. magazine, Creativity.

Qanta Shimizu (http://qanta.jp) is a creative director at PARTY Inc. He has won many awards, including a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival of Creativity and the Grand Prix at ADFEST.

Saqoosha (http://katamari.co.jp/#/index/saqoosha) is the CTO of Katamari Inc. In recent years, he has participated in the production of “Utsushi Kagami” and “IS Parade,” and has won many awards in Japan and abroad.

Yuri Morimoto (http://katamari.co.jp/#/index/yuuri) is a designer at Katamari Inc. She responds to requests preciselyand has been involved in many cross-genre design projects.