— Masayoshi Nakajo

TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize



Acting as a judge is year has been a lot of fun with more entries than ever from overseas to look at, many of which I found refreshing, exotic and inspiring. During the preliminary examinations in the non-members division, I was thinking how great it would be to provide the Japanese people with the opportunity to see so many artworks from overseas and to showcase this art in our yearbook. However, as we compiled a shortlist of finalists and started to deliberate on the actual awards, I forgot about such sentimental considerations. As I saw a number of outstanding foreign artists advance to the final stages of the selection process I also started to feel a twinge of nationalism and began to silently root for Japanese artists as well. Fortunately, such personal sentiments have no power when one is surrounded by other judges whose eyes are gleaming with curiosity for new things and with delight at encountering previously unseen treasures. We were lucky enough to have available persons who know the overseas art scene well, as well as computer graphics experts to guide us and enlighten us. Thus, the judging process turned out to be an excellent seminar for me and I am most grateful to have taken part. The Tokyo TDC annual competition is becoming more and more internationalized with entries from 21 countries this year and I feel that this situation demands a new approach. We will need more international exchange with Judges from overseas and so forth. We shouldn’t congratulate ourselves too much for merely having brought in a lot of fresh and invigorating art from around the world. As for my winning an award this year, all I can say is that it never fails to elate me no matter how many times it happens.

Masayoshi Nakajo
Born in Tokyo in 1933. After working at Shiseido Co. and at Deska Co., established the Nakajo Design Office in ’61. Award he has received include; Tokyo ADC Members’ Grand Prize, SDA Prize, JAAC Prize Yamana Prize, Package in Japan Gold Prize, JAGDA Masaru Katsumi Prize, All Japan Calendar Exhibition Minister of International Trade and Industry. He won the Tokyo TDC Members’ Gold Prize in ’92, ’94 and Bronze Prize in ’96.