Coline, typeface family

— Émilie Rigaud

Type Design Prize


Coline, typeface family
Coline is a typeface family especially designed to fit pocket-books’ layout. Its seven typefaces are structured in three sets: Coline première, Coline Cursive and Coline Extrême. Three variations growing from a sturdy pure roman to a nearly handwritten design. From the classical reason to the romantic mind.
The three variants and their weights allow a large range of variations and contrasts to extend the conventional opposition roman/italic. A freedom of combinations allied with a compact letter design for space saving.
The name “Coline” comes from Simon De Colines, active in Paris during the first half of the sixteenth century, one of the first french printer to publish cheap small-format books for students.

Émilie Rigaud
After a master in graphic design at the ENSAD, Paris, in 2008, Émilie Rigaud entered Reading University to follow the master course in Typeface design, where she developped the Coline typeface family. She now works as a freelancer, both in book design and typeface design. She recently worked on the book Murakami-Versailles for Éditions Xavier Barral (Paris) and designed a custom typeface for Thomas Matthews (London). In november 2010, she launched her own typefoundry: “A is for Apple” (www.aisforapple.fr).