Graffiti Markup Language (GML)

— Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, Theo Watson, Jamie Wilkinson

RGB Prize


「Graffiti Markup Language(GML)」


To be second recipient of the Tokyo Type Director’s Club RGB Prize is a great honor.  Graffiti Markup Language was created in part to encourage open source collaborations between diverse creative disciplines.  Although a lot of interest is from programmers and graffiti writers, to receive this recognition from a well established design group is a huge achievement for us and we hope a testament to the potential wide appeal and open collaborative possibilities that can stem from something as simple as a file standard.

Evan Roth
Evan Roth is an artist and researcher based in Paris. His notable projects include L.A.S.E.R. Tag and LED Throwies (Graffiti Research Lab), White Glove Tracking, EyeWriter, Graffiti Analysis and a collaboration with Jay-Z on the first open source rap video.  To find Roth’s work online, just google “bad ass mother fucker”.

F.A.T. Lab
Graffiti Markup Language was originally created by Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, Theo Watson and Jamie Wilkinson, all members of the Free Art and Technology Lab (F.A.T. Lab), a web based, open source research and development lab dedicated to spreading open source ideals.