>>Oper pur<< magazine

— formdusche

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>>Oper pur<< magazine
»Oper pur« is the monothematic magazine of the Opera Cologne, Germany. Each issue not only highlights a common thread within the current opera’s program, delivering behind-the-scenes particulars and interviews, but also serves as springboard to explore its theme in broad essays and photographic features detached from an operatic background.
Typographically, »DTL Fleischmann« is the font of choice. Its strong character works especially well in micro typographical environments but will also captivate an observer at larger sizes for display purposes. Small or large, »DTL Fleischmann« pulls off any size while remaining intriguing. The magazine’s grid entails two special characteristics: margin and headline. Throughout the issue the margin is reserved for information bites in small type, thus creating a second level of information the reader can engage with »on the go.« However, the most striking feature is the use of headlines that »dance,« being the only element allowed to break out of the graphic grid, in turn adding small elements of tension and surprise.

Comprised of four graphic designers, Svenja von Döhlen, Steffen Wierer, Tim Finke, and Timo Hummel, formdusche is active in the broad field of communications design. Ever since its inception in 2004 formdusche’s main vision, plain and simple, has been to conceive individual answers for each client’s tasks. Both, listen to the client and form follows content, rank on top of their design philosophy charts. As their work is concept-driven, they like to irritate with typographic ideas or to find simple solutions for complex processes.
They regularly expand their team with a trusted network of designers, writers, and engineers to keep in touch with what’s new out there. formdusche’s focus lies on corporate design, typography, book and editorial design, illustration, and communications strategies.
Currently, most of formdusche’s clients come from the cultural end of things: theaters, operas, dance festivals, foundations, music festivals, magazines, artists, or music labels. However, even law firms have been spotted amongst their client base.