— Tsuguya Inoue

Special Prize


I created this poster after contemplating regenerating life and lights, and this was only possible through longtime support from the staff of the Ginza Graphic Gallery. I want to thank Sachiko Kuru and Ryota Atarashi for the photos, Takashi Ando for the words, Sun Chiapang of Little More for publication, and Shinichi Nakazawa for the text and for showing me the unknown parts of myself. All of these people helped me nurture the power within, and I could not complete this work without their support. I sincerely appreciate their cooperation.
“Life moves.” Babies, kittens, and birds are always the first to glance at something in motion. Seeing, rather than thinking; something in motion always catches my eye. With this in mind, I hope that written characters can also evoke feelings of life, along with the sensation of taking a deep breath of fresh and clear air.
Written characters are like seeds of life scattered on the grounds of graphic design. It thus may be important to find the unknowns that can inspire people, as they spring forth from momentary shade, as well as to give meaning to the characters themselves, feeling their breath.

Tsuguya Inoue
Tsuguya Inoue is an art director and graphic designer. He was born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1947 and established Beans Co., Ltd. in 1978.
He has been engaged in art direction for advertisements, music, publications, and TV programs.
He has also created design work of great originality using photos and typography in various fields.
In addition, he designed the symbol of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).
He has also received many awards, such as the Grand Prix, Grand Prize, and Members’ Prize of Tokyo ADC; Grand Prix, Members’ Prize, Book Design Prize, and Special Prize of Tokyo TDC; and the Yamana Award of the Japan Advertising Club. He is also a member of Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC, and JAGDA.