B. Categories / C. Reception and Deadline

B. Categories
① Small Graphics
② Editorial/Book Design
③ Type Design
④ Mark & Logotype/Corporate Stationery/Branding
*Advertisement in Branding must be submit to category ⑥
⑤ Signage & Display/Packaging
⑥ Advertising (Newspaper&Magazine Advertisement /Poster A = Advertising Poster/Advertising Campaign / TVCF)
⑦ Poster B (For poster entries not included in category ⑥)
⑧ Experimental Work (For entries not included in the other categories)
⑨ RGB (Any works intended to be displayed on screens.)
*Two former categories: “Interactive design” including web design and “Film / Video work / Motion logo / TV, Film title / Animation etc.” This category also includes smart phones and tablet computers as well as any related software.

C. Reception and Deadline
1. RGB category entries must be received by TDC by Thursday, November 1, 2018.
2. Other categories’ entries must be received by TDC by Saturday, November 10, 2018.
Entries arriving after the deadline will NOT be accepted.